How to appraise your domain names? 如何評估您的域名?

How to appraise your domain names? 如何評估您的域名?

How you decide to sell or buy a domain name, you need to appraise the value and then decide the price you want to sell the domain name for.  Keep in mind that the selling price does not need to be the same as the value.  Also remember that the price is largely determined by the interest of the buyer and how much he want to pay.  However, the selling price is more or less associated with the appraised value of the domain name.

How to appraise your domain name.  A good domain name should have the following elements.

1) Usability.  A good domain name should be easy to spell, to write, to pronounce and to remember.   This means that is easier than is worth millions of dollars. can be tens of thousands, and can be thousands of dollars.

2) Brand-able.   Just because a domain name has good usability does not mean it is good for a brand.

3) Popular and with heavy traffic.  This fee traffic per self is worth a lot of money.

4) Can have many potential buyers or many applications.  The more potential buyers there are, the higher price you can sell your domain for.



1)可用性。一個好的域名應該易於拼寫、書寫、發音和記憶。這意味著 比 更容易。 價值數百萬美元。 可以上萬, 可以上千美元。
2) 品牌化。僅僅因為域名具有良好的可用性並不意味著它對品牌有好處。
3) 受歡迎且流量大。自己這個收費流量是很值錢的。
4) 可以有許多潛在的買家或許多應用。潛在買家越多,您可以以更高的價格出售您的域名。