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President Biden was said to have suffered from basal cell carcinoma (BCC).  In the US alone, 3.6 million cases are diagnosed every year, according to This disease accounts for 90% of all skin cancer and rarely pose any life-threatening risk if treated early.  However, patients should be better off seeking medical attention before this skin cancer becomes more virulent or aggressive.  So information on this basal cell carcinoma is widely searched.  This is almost equivalent to because most skin cancers are basal cell carcinoma.

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Bidden diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma

White House doctor Kevin O’Connor (Kevin O’Connor) issued a statement on March 3, saying that the tissue removed during the examination of President Joe Biden (Joe Biden) in February was basal cell carcinoma (basal cell carcinoma), and all cancerous tissues were has been removed.

O’Connor said that Biden needs to be monitored for skin diseases, but the part of the tissue removed last time has recovered and there is no spread, so no further treatment is required. The first lady Jill (Jill Biden) was also confirmed to have basal cell carcinoma in January and has recovered after surgery.

The 80-year-old Biden underwent his annual physical examination in February, and doctors believe he is still qualified for the job of president.

According to Dr. Li Haoxun, clinical associate professor of the Department of Clinical Oncology, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, Hong Kong University, basal cell carcinoma mainly invades the deep skin tissue locally, and most of them appear on the skin exposed to the sun, such as the head and face. In terms of treatment, surgery is the main method. In general, early skin cancer does not require additional treatment after complete resection; radiotherapy, commonly known as radiotherapy, can be used as adjuvant treatment after radical treatment or surgery.

Dr. Li mentioned that skin cancer is one of the most common cancers in Hong Kong. Anyone can get skin cancer. Moles or many moles, and a family history of skin cancer are at higher risk of developing skin cancer.

He believes that prevention is better than cure, and calls on everyone to avoid sun exposure, wear hats and long-sleeved clothes, and apply sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 or above to reduce the risk of skin cancer.

據說拜登總統患有基底細胞癌。這種疾病佔所有皮膚癌的 90%,很少造成任何危及生命的風險,但是,患者最好在這種皮膚癌變得更加致命或更具侵略性之前就醫。因此,有關這種基底細胞癌的信息被廣泛搜索。


基底細胞癌 圖片
狀態 4 基底細胞癌

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