is available for sale now, asking for $68,000

This is one of the best domain names that can be used for any business services, business software/tools/system etc.  Anything of business. is a premium domain name. Here is something for you to consider:

1) Both Biz and Man are popular words. was sold in 2000 for $625,000. was sold for $1.32 mm and could be sold for even more. Dot biz is actually used as a domain name extension just like dot com and more than 1,400,000 dot biz domain names like have been registered thus far. Short and descriptive phases for business are in high demand and they are not easily found in the market.

2) Bizman is popular, catchy, and brandable. More than 300 domain names as of today have been registered with bizman as part of their names, and 42 of them are using only bizman as their domain names including,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

3) Over the years, quite a few offers have been received. The owner did not intend to sell it in the past, and only recently makes it available for sale. Offers are a good indicator of the value and the popularity.

4) is a premium buzzword domain name which looks good, sounds good, and is popular, meaningful, descriptive, short, easy to type and remember. And it can be used for many brands and or businesses. The name was registered in 1999, which makes it more valuable (the older, the better).

5) Some domain names with similar strength were sold recently and listed here for your reference. for $40,000, $54,000, $37,000, $68,000, $45,000, $300,000, $120,000, $275,000 is appraised at up to $90,000 depending upon who appraises it. Ask for $68,000.