Domain name – how it can help your business

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Domain name can be used to brand any household consumer products including appliances, furniture, personal care products, clothing/apparel etc.  Villanelle is literally a form of poetry or poetic form.   So the domain name can be used for products associated with characters like elegance and beauty.

  1. The dot com domain name has been registered since 1997.  The older, the better.
  2. is a popular one word domain name.  Villanelle is used ini 114 domain names among which 32 use the exact name at domain extensions including .com, .de, .net, .org,, .cn, .ru, .nl, .xyz, .fr, .eu,, .co,, .us, .se, .shop, .uk, .dk,, .me, .store, .ir, .cc, .no, .club,, .one, .global, .love, .ninja, .bio
  3. Villanelle is broad searched 33,000 times per month on google with one click costing advertisers $0.57.
  4. When searching villanelle on google, the search engine returns more than 3 million links, which means that this term is fairly popular.