loca.com – ultra-premium domain name for any business

Loca.com is an ultra-premium domain name

This is one of the best domain names you can use for virtual tours of the world: everywhere.  You do not have to travel, save money, time, and energy, yet still enjoy all the places you want to sightsee.

Buy now price:  $2,200,000

  1. A dot com domain name which is the most desired top-level type of domain name.  Registered since 1998.  The older the better.
  2. It is an extremely popular domain name.  Loca has been used in 408,878 domain names among which 147 use the exact word loca.
  3. Loca is broad searched 5,000,000 times per month with each click costing advertisers $0.70.
  4. Searching loca on google returns 500 million links, meaning the term is extremely popular.
  5. Domain names with similar strength are sold for high six-digits and seven digits,

Loca.com can be simply used to compete with local.com which provides local information.  Loca means places (singular locus), locations.  So loca is better than local which is an adjective.  The owners have received many offers over the years from prospective buyers to buy the domain name.  This is one of the most valuable four- letter one single word domain names in the world.

Loca also means crazy women.  So this can be a top domain name for an adult entertainment website.

If you are interested in buying the domain name loca.com, contact us today.