Unique domain name appraisal services – 獨一無二的域名評估服務

D0 you have a domain name to sell or to acquire?  Before you do anything, get the domain name of interest appraised so you have some idea what price you may have to pay to acquire the domain name of your interest, or what price you may ask to sell your domain name.

Keep in mind that not all domain brokers or domain appraisers are the same.   Some appraisals are far away from the actual prices that are settled in transactions.  We provide you a fair price plus we suggest a target price for selling or buying your domain name.

Remember that some domain names appraised at $1000 may end up getting sold for $50,000.  Often times, the actual price can be 10 times, 20 times, or even 50 times higher or lower than the appraised fair price.

So no matter you are buying or selling a domain name, do not take the appraisal too seriously.  Our suggested target price can be more useful.

We only ask for $68 per domain name.

您有要出售或收購的域名? 在您做任何事情之前,先對您感興趣的域名進行評估,這樣您就知道您可能需要支付多少價格才能獲得您感興趣的域名,或者您可能要求以什麼價格出售您的域名。

請記住,並非所有的域名經紀人或域名評估師都是一樣的。 有些估價與交易結算的實際價格相差甚遠。 我們為您提供公平的價格,此外,即使您不使用我們的經紀服務,我們還建議一個目標價格來出售或購買您要的域名。

請記住,一些估價為 1000 美元的域名最終可能會以 50,000 美元的價格售出。 很多時候,實際價格可能比評估的公允價格高出或低於10倍、20倍,甚至50倍。

所以無論您是買賣域名,都不要把評估看得太重。 我們建議的目標價可能更有用.

我們只要求每個域名 68 美元。