Domain name consulting services | 域名諮詢服務

Our domain name consulting services are as follows

1) Help coin domain names that suit your business or brand.  The domain name will be free of or at low risk of trademark issues, user-friendly, and professional. Cost: $120 per domain name. (with 5 suggestions).

2) If a domain name on the market suit your business or brand, you will be advised to consider buying it as an option. This leads to our brokerage service.

3) In the case that your domain name faces a complaint, we may refer you to an experienced and competent domain name legal professional or agency to help you defend your domain name.   If you believe your brand name, trade name or trademark name is abused or misused or your such rights are violated, you would like to launch a complaint, we can point you to the right direction.  Cost: Free of charge.

4) Domain name appraisal service: Estimate accurately the current market value of your domain name.  Note that the market value of your domain name can be very different from the selling price you could secure which is determined by other factors such as your actual buyer.  Cost: $69 per domain name.



1) 幫助創建適合您的業務或品牌的域名。 該域名將沒有商標問題或存在商標問題的風險低,用戶友好且專業。 費用:每個域名 120 美元。 (有 5 條建議)。

2) 如果市場上的域名適合您的業務或品牌,建議您考慮購買。 這導致我們的經紀服務。

3) 如果您的域名面臨投訴,我們可能會將您轉介給經驗豐富且稱職的域名法律專業人士或代理機構,以幫助您捍衛您的域名。 如果您認為您的品牌名稱、商號或商標名稱被濫用或誤用,或者您的此類權利受到侵犯,您想發起投訴,我們可以為您指明正確的方向。 費用:免費。

4) 域名評估服務:準確估算您域名的當前市場價值。 請注意,您的域名的市場價值可能與您可以獲得的售價有很大不同,後者由其他因素(例如您的實際買家)決定。 費用:每個域名 69 美元。

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