How to buy a domain name from | 如何從 購買域名

The following is some advice for prospective buyers who are interested in buying a domain name under’s management.

1) When you find a domain name on the website or somewhere you learn that the domain name is being brokered or managed by, you are encouraged to contact us directly.

Many prospective buyers pay a fee (upfront $69 plus a hefty commission) to use or or another domain name brokerage service provider, which may not be a wise act. When you hire them to broker a potential transaction, it will be automatically assumed that you represent a big corporation or business organization. That means that the offer made to you will not be lower, in many cases, can be higher.

When you do not directly contact us, your message may not be accurately relayed and the communication between the two parties could have been compromised, which can be a hindrance to a potential deal. price a domain name rarely based on who you are. It is very unlikely that just because we do not know who you are, we would give you a lower price. Our price is largely based on the following few factors:

  • a. The intrinsic value of the domain name including the looks, the length, the age, the traffic from search engines, the popularity etc.
  • b. How valuable is the domain name of concern to the current owner. The value of a domain name is ultimately determined by how the owner uses it. For instance, the current owner can use this domain name to develop a multi-million dollar business, then he may not sell it for a low price that is the value in the eyes of a prospective buyer.
  • c. When a domain name needs to be sold. Obviously, if the current owner of a domain name wants to sell his domain name today, he should price it accordingly. But if he does not mind selling it in the next 10 years, then he expects a much higher price because he would have more opportunities of selling it.
  • d. considers multiple appraisers’ opinions but those estimates are only for your information only. How we appreciate a domain name in a particular market is one thing we consider.

2) Prospective buyers are advised to make offers based on one single factor: How valuable the domain name to his or her business. If you want to use the domain name to make a big business, may want to use it to obtain funding or prepare for your business to go public, then prepare to make your offer accordingly.

Many prospective buyers estimate the selling price based on the “current market value” appraised by some bots. When the seller asks for a much higher price, then the buyer would think that is a rip-off.  Wise buyers need to avoid this.

3) In any case, prospective buyers are encouraged not to assume that the selling price for a particular domain name can be too high to even bother to try it. Sometimes, opportunities are there even though the asking price is very high. In many cases, the seller has a lot of flexibility while in other cases, the flexibility may not be too much.

Eventually a price should be acceptable to both the seller and the buyer. There should be a compromise in the selling price (The seller tends to ask for more while the buyer tends to offer less).

以下是對有興趣購買 管理下的域名的潛在買家的一些建議。

1) 當您在網站或某處發現域名由 代理或管理時,我們鼓勵您直接與我們聯繫。

許多潛在買家支付費用(預付 69 美元外加高額佣金)使用 或 或其他域名經紀服務提供商,這可能不是明智之舉。當您僱用他們來促成潛在交易時,您將自動假定您代表一個大公司或商業組織。這意味著向您提供的報價不會更低,在許多情況下,可以更高。

當您不直接與我們聯繫時,您的信息可能無法準確傳達,並且雙方之間的通信可能會受到損害,這可能會阻礙潛在交易。 很少根據您的身份為域名定價。不太可能僅僅因為我們不知道您是誰,就給您一個更低的價格。我們的價格主要基於以下幾個因素

  • A. 域名的內在價值包括外觀、長度、年齡、搜索引擎的流量、受歡迎程度等。
  • B。當前所有者關注的域名有多大價值。域名的價值最終取決於所有者如何使用它。例如,當前所有者可以使用此域名開發數百萬美元的業務,那麼他可能不會以潛在買家眼中的低價出售它。
  • C。當需要出售域名時。顯然,如果一個域名的當前所有者今天想出售他的域名,他應該相應地定價。但如果他不介意在未來 10 年內出售它,那麼他預計價格會更高,因為他將有更多機會出售它。
  • d。 會考慮多個評估師的意見,但這些估計僅供您參考。我們如何在特定市場中欣賞域名是我們考慮的一件事。

2) 建議潛在買家根據一個因素提出報價:域名對其業務的價值。如果您想用域名做大生意,可能想用它來獲得資金或為您的企業上市做準備,然後準備相應地提出您的要約。

許多潛在買家根據一些機器人評估的“當前市場價值”來估計售價。 當賣方要求更高的價格時,買方會認為這是一個騙局。 明智的買家需要避免這種情況。

3) 在任何情況下,我們都鼓勵潛在買家不假設特定域名的售價可能太高,甚至懶得嘗試。有時,即使要價很高,機會也在那裡。在許多情況下,賣方有很大的靈活性,而在其他情況下,靈活性可能不會太大。