XINWEN.COM is your best news domain name for the Chinese readers 最适合中国观众的新闻域名

Best News domain names for the Chinese readers in China is the equivalent to in the English-speaking world. is owned and used by tech news outlet is owned and used by which is the official media outlet of the Chinese government. is a category defining domain name.  When you own it, you are a leader of the industry in the eyes of the public because audience know that only the news leader could own and use this very top domain name. domain name is particularly useful to startup who wants to compete with established news outlets.

Some data on

  1. 3052 domain names contain xinwen, meaning that xinwen is a popular team.
  2. Among the 3000 plus domain name, 87 domain names use exactly the same name xinwen in different domain name extensions.  But is the king
    xinwen 87 .com, .de, .net, .org, .cn, .nl, .info, .xyz, .fr, .eu, .it, .ca, .co,, .us, .in, .shop,, .biz, .site, .me, .cc, .vip, .live, .app, .cyou, .tv, .pro, .life, .mobi, .cloud, .one, .world,, .ltd, .nz,, .tw, .today, .hk,, .lol, .news, .love, .ink, .la, .wiki, .center, .city, .host, .plus, .fm, .pub, .red, .网络, .show, .xin, .men,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .ga, .cf
  3. This has received bids.
  4. When you search in google search engine with 新闻 which is spelled as xinwen, you receive 1,350,000,000 returns.  There is no doubt that 新闻 is very popular term.   Since in domain names, we only use pinyin not characters, its equivalent xinwen is a popular term as well.

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XinWen.com在中国相当于英语世界的。 由科技新闻媒体 拥有和使用。 由新华网拥有和使用,新华网是中国政府的官方媒体。

Xinwen.com是定义域名的类别。 当您拥有它时,您就是公众眼中的行业领导者,因为观众知道只有新闻领导者才能拥有和使用这个顶级域名。 域名对于想要与知名新闻媒体竞争的初创公司特别有用。


  • 3052域名包含xinwen,意思是xinwen是一支热门名称。
  • 在3000多个域名中,有87个域名在不同的域名后缀中使用了完全相同的名称xinwen。 但新文网才是王道  They are domain names with extensions including .com, .de, .net, .org, .cn, .nl, .info, .xyz, .fr, .eu, .it, .ca, .co,, .us, . in, .shop,, .biz, .site, .me, .cc, .vip, .live, .app, .cyou, .tv, .pro, .life, .mobi, .cloud, . 一、.world、、.ltd、.nz、、.tw、.today、.hk、、.lol、.news、.love、.ink、.la、 .wiki, .center, .city, .host, .plus, .fm, .pub, .red, .网络, .show, .xin, .men,,, ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,.ga,.cf
  • 此新闻网已收到投标。
  • 当你在谷歌搜索引擎中使用拼写为 xinwen 的新闻进行搜索时,你会收到 1,350,000,000 条返回。 毫无疑问,新闻是一个非常流行的词。 由于在域名中,我们只使用拼音而不使用汉字,因此其对应的xinwen 也是一个流行的术语。

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